Play Now – NFL Picks for week 4

We are doing week 4 for NFL Picks. Join the official Cowboys Blog Pick’em here: ***Password: cowboysblog If …


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19 thoughts on “Play Now – NFL Picks for week 4

  1. 2 surprises on your picks Bro Joe…
    Dolphins over the saints??? Saints are coming off a good game last week… I'm thinking they'll keep rolling with it. Not impressed with the Dolphins yet.

    Titans over the Texans??? As good as they looked against the defending Superbowl Champions, on their home turf??? No doubt Titans look really good this year… but I think Houston at home will take this one. They'll probably split this year advantage to home teams. I'm guessing Titans will win the division and can only hope Texans earn a wildcard spot. But unlikely looking at the AFC West… That division will probably send 3 teams to the playoffs.
    Thanks for setting this up Bro. Joe… lots of fun, and helps us keep tabs on the other teams and talents in the league.
    Good luck on your picks everyone!!!

  2. This week I really want to see the offense start strong and I would like to see Zeke run out of the shotgun a little more because if we have receivers spaced out and Zeke in the gun it won't be so predictable and they won't be able to put 8 in the box

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