Pittsburgh Steelers || Official 2017 Draft Highlights

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Hey! My name is Blake, and I am the creator of Harris Highlights. I am 20 years old and am majoring in Sports Journalism at Arizona State. I got into editing a few years ago, and have been doing it ever since.


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24 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Steelers || Official 2017 Draft Highlights

  1. I'm mad they took my panthers tj watt but whatever I was sitting their praying he wasn't picked I never heard him i thought he's dropping we can get him I look at the list of all the 1st round picks steelers stole him from us with the last pick

  2. steel town picked just as needed i personally never want to see a defensive short coming like last year and I've been watching since 74, i believe Lambert and company will smile upon this group….

  3. I like Brian Allen a lot , I'm an eagles fan and Steelers fan , eagles first but Pittsburgh nailed the draft as usual, black and yellow , get big Ben that third ring , seven for the gritty state of Pennsylvania

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