Pittsburg Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens End of Game Nfl Week 16 2016

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Great game


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38 thoughts on “Pittsburg Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens End of Game Nfl Week 16 2016

  1. Typical game of Haley's game plan being shit for 45 minutes, only to scrap it in the final 15 minutes and Ben saving his ass.

    Fire this dope and promote Fichtner already.

    They've wasted Ben's prime.

  2. you can tell he isn't a big fan when he says "that guy has been the best player for the Steelers today by far" first of all he didn't even know his name or Antonio browns name for crying out loud. and leveon bell had a big game compared to Jesse James

  3. That was a facemask on the AB game winning touchdown that wasn't called. If he didn't get in, that non call would've cost us the AFC North. Glad he showed his 💪💪

  4. If I were Pittsburg, I would have told the referee they were asking for the 3980acc end of game rule where if the game is under 30 seconds they would kick a field goal and get 5 points thus winning by 1 point. Baltimore would have to concede the game because none of them can read.

  5. I was actually relieved that Baltimore scored when they did. If not, you're most likely looking at 1st and goal inside the 10. They could have put that game away then. 1:18 is a lot of time to move the football.

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