Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers Full Game Highlights / NFL Week 6

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44 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers Full Game Highlights / NFL Week 6

  1. People so hype and hating on Carolina saying Philly exposed them…not really. 5 point game. And don't blame bad officiating bc ALL officiating has been bad for at least the last 4 years. If anyone was gifted anything it was the Pats with a bogus touchback penalty.

  2. These idiots do not realize that they are disrespecting the symbol that
    our country men have fought and died for. These men who lost their
    lives didn't care about the color of skin. They fought and died for our
    freedom, rights and love for country. By these knuckleheads acting
    like spoiled brats, they are disrespecting everything that the flag
    stands for. With them stating that they don't see it that way, they
    only show their intelligence, lack of knowledge of history & lack of
    respect for our country. These are truely selfish, ignorant, spoiled
    & disrespectful people. I can see their family values and loyalty
    to the country that allows them to play a game for a great amount of
    money. Most of these idiots have the mentality of criminals and only
    lookout for their pockets. Good luck making money when fans boycott
    your games and you don't have a great income, because you want to
    disrespect the symbol of our national that allows you to act like a
    child. I personally think trump should DRAFT all these uneducated
    traitors and send them to the front lines and see how much the color of
    skin matters. The emeny doesn't care about your skin color, they just
    want to destroy you. START ACTING LIKE A MAN, DO YOUR JOB & RESPECT
    YOUR COUNTRY. You can always move to another country if you are not

  3. Shut the fuck up you dumbass haters. Every way you look the refs cheat them and we still won. Everyone the eagles are ass. The collapse hasn't started yet. Remember when Philly had that strong 4-1 start and they were saying ohhhhh eagles best team in NFC? Fuck off dickhead eagles fan. I've been born a steeper and will die one. ( Jamie winiston my wallpaper BC FSU is meh team and college I go to)

  4. Pete Morelli's Strikes again. I'm huge Eagles fan but I'll admit, I stopped watching the game because of those calls. I didn't care if the Eagles won or not because Morelli has it in for the Eagles for some reason (Cowboys seem to have him in their pockets), as every game he refs for the Eagles are always lopsided against us. How many times does Morelli have to get busted for being the most corrupt(or crappy) Ref in the NFL (like the Lions vs Cowboy game in the playoffs) before they get rid of him?

  5. My Eagles are killin it this year, and Wentz is on fire…… Them Damm refs tried to steal it from us, but we just took it to'em and won anyway. GO BIRDS!!!🤘🦅

  6. GREAT JOB EAGLES!!!!!! NOBODY ESPECIALLY NONE OF THOSE ESPN MANIACS PICKED U GUYS TO WIN IM SOO HAPPY FOR U GUYS!!!!!!! lets hope the Packers lose therefore u will be all by urself on top of the NFC GREAT JOB!!!!! also what a day for Patrick Robinson he saves u guys on the muffed punt and gets a pick that leads to a TD

  7. First time I took a look at the Eagles this year. I must say the Eagles look pretty good. Probably your best team in quite some time. Maybe tighten up the defense a little in the slot from what I saw but other than that the Eagles look like a Legitimate team this year. I’ll be curious to see how they do against the likes of the Seahawks or the Packers. Very good win against a pretty solid Panthers team.

  8. Bruhhh worst refs ever. I only caught the second half. But damn i dont even think the eagles got 1 call. Panthers got a shit ton. They did everything they could to keep them in the game. I was so pissed the whole 4th qt. That jalen mills int was trash it was perfect coverage. Then the next possesion wentz threw it perfect to alshon and he hel his arm no call…. like okay… Cam should have had about 5 ints. His accuracy was not good tbh. Then that damn roughing the passer call was straight trash.

  9. Ndsu fan so glad the browns were /are idiots and passed on carson so he could end up where he belongs in philly. Hope he helps brings championship home to philly this year.

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