Peyton Manning’s Most Iconic Moment vs. Every Team | NFL Highlights

Peyton Manning’s most iconic moments and best plays vs. every NFL team. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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48 thoughts on “Peyton Manning’s Most Iconic Moment vs. Every Team | NFL Highlights

  1. Why are these all good moments? Iconic doesn't mean good. Super Bowl 48, snap sails over Peyton's head for a safety. Super Bowl 43 pick sixed on by Tracey Porter. Very iconic moments

  2. Even Peyton says the Denver defense won Super Bowl Fifty. Thing is though, had the Coach not called Peyton off the bench in the next to last game of the regular season to RESCUE that game and had Peyton not led the victory against the Patriots in the playoffs, would Denver have even GOTTEN to the Super Bowl? He did enough in the Super Bowl to support the defense and claim the victory.

  3. Im not going to get into the goat conversation too many variables…titles, individual acomp, team acomp ect. Peyton maning was the most exciting player to watch imho. He called the plays from the line, probably the last to do this. He ran the offensive meetings no coach, probably the last to do this. He had full control of the offense, probably the last to do this….It was just wow to watch. Thank you Peyton!

  4. I'm curious as to why you chose the Patriots failed 4th down as an iconic Manning moment.

    It was an iconic(I choose to use iconic in a neutral sense rather than strictly positive) Belichick moment, an iconic Colts vs Patriots moment. The most iconic Manning moment vs the Patriots though is surely the 2006 AFC championship comeback.

  5. I fell in love with Payton Manning's game and I came to realize how beautifully intricate this game is. Now, 15 years later I a die hard football fan.

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