Pence Leaves NFL Game After Players Kneel During Anthem

On Sunday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence walked out of a National Football League game in his home state of Indiana after some players knelt during the …


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39 thoughts on “Pence Leaves NFL Game After Players Kneel During Anthem

  1. If these pussys keep protesting the owner's won't think twice about replacing all the anti-American whiners with players who respect the flag. If that doesn't happen the NFL will be finished by next season. I know so many people that were die-hard football fans that want nothing to do with it now.

  2. Wochit News . Why hasn't anyone said anything about the "Military Officer" right next to Mike Pence that did not salute or put his had over his heart! during the entire National Anthem!!!!! Starting at 0:19

  3. Everything in the NFL is not what it seems. Many of the players want to convince you that disrespecting the anthem, police, military and Country is about Police brutality because they are black. 

    NFL activists want you to think that they are just good ole’ boys playing ball. But they fail to tell you about the crimes they have been involved in and the ideologies they hold. 

    YouTube search under the term, “NFL Criminals”. Watch any of the 299,000 videos.

    Crimes range from involuntary manslaughter, conspiracy related to dog fighting, assault, vandalism, drug possession, resisting arrest, fire bombing, domestic violence, conspiracy to commit murder, spousal abuse, vehicular manslaughter, and murder. Some are currently serving time and others are out playing ball.

    No wonder some players hate Americas Police.

    See Seattle Seahawks' Jeremy Lane who posted, “Kill Cops” Emoji Tweet

    We have NFL players who have committed terrible crimes.

    We have NFL players who beat and abuse women.

    Here are the ten biggest NFL criminals:

    No wonder they hate America's police.

    Ideologies and Culture can twist how people see America. Did you know that Shahid Khan, owner of the Jackonsville Jaguars of the National Football league is a Muslim and that this particular team seems to be the most outspoken against America's National Anthem.   

    Also YouTube search the term 'Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim' or 'Colin Kaepernick with Terrorist' or ‘Just In: Kaepernick Caught in Criminal Plot.'. 

    Mr. Kaepernick started the kneel and disrespect for the Flag, the Military who fight for it, the Police who protect it, and the Country that gave him such a great Opportunity.  

    Colin Kaepernick Donates $25,000 to Convicted Cop Killer

    You will have to make your own judgement calls here, but many think that the ideologies that some players may hold is what encourages their disrespect of America. See 

    Here is one of the NFL Players Who Disrespected Anthem. He was just arrested. Look at how many felony charges he racked up!

    Now Kids Kneel During National Anthem Before Little League Football Game (REACTION).

    Of course Fake News doesn't do nothing except attack the President and tell the lie that he is racist.  But He has consistently condemned racism, hate groups, white supremacists, David Duke and the KKK since 1991. 

    See a much younger Trump on Larry King Live condemning these hate groups here: 

    All the disrespect and everything you see and hear in the NFL isn’t what it appears to be.

    But one thing is for sure. Now that the NFL is clearly political, TaxPAyers should no longer be forces to pay $14 Billion to support the NFL Stadiums.

    Check it out:

  4. NFL players should be protesting black crime and telling young blacks to act like men and fathers instead of punks and thugs and gang members. The NFL should also be protesting BLM telling blacks to kill police across America. You have chosen very ignorantly instead to disrespect our Flag,Veterans,KIAs, POWs, MIAs and their families and our country. Your football games mean very little in life. It doesn't save lives,feed starving children, or comfort a dying veteran. Americans will do just fine without wasting their time watching punks and egomaniacs play a kids game. All of the NFL players combined will never be nearly as important as one soldier. Goodbye and good riddance.

  5. These rich to the max teams are getting tax breaks? OH boy! I do believe we can stop that? Let's make them pay for their niggardly ways. As a taxpayer This is totally insane!

  6. Omg everyone is misunderstanding the message of kneeling. Its about racial inequality, its not about disrespecting the military or vets. Let them kneel, its their right.

  7. I get it.  Some NFL Players (and apparently a lot of Liberals) don't like our Country.  So which of the 500 or so other countries do they prefer? And since this country doesn't measure up 
    why are they still here?  People jump in tiny crowded boats and risk death to escape from horrible places everyday.  Why don't at least some of these overpaid pampered whiners buy a first class ticket for themselves and just go to Monaco or Swaziland or Bezerkistan if it is so bad here?  Just wondering.

  8. People pay to go to these games to have a good time and forget life outside the stadium. These players should be fined every time their knees hit the ground.

  9. I don't understand how an entire police department turned their backs on a mayor who signs their checks as exercising their rights and the right wing lunatics go nuts,but when the nfl department does it they are thugs and treated like pieces of rich garbage……Don't something sound a little fishy and racist????????

  10. Damn perhaps our brave ancestors should not of died and thought in ww2 and just let the Germans deal with these racist blacks it shocks me to think the NFL teams let them do it guaranteed if you stopped there wages they would not do it

  11. I served 4 years in the army so that people could have the right to protest. Unlike that village idiot in the Whitehouse who draft dodge 4 times then has the balls to talk shit. FUCK YOU TRUMP AND FUCK YOU PENCE. I love my country not its moronic leadership. do your jobs FUCK heads.

  12. Are these kneelers the same people who swore to leave U.S.A. after President Trump was selected? Why don't you move out instead of wasting everyone's time lamenting your moral values?

  13. The Idiot Pence is nothing more than an ass-kissing lackey picked by The Idiot Trump. We're not talking about the a FDR administration with these two assholes.

  14. The Dallas Cowboys have lost every game since they started kneeling. Only a few people in America are anti American and hate this country and other people but unfortunately they get all the news coverage. The NFL just like the Dixie Chicks are about to find out those people don't make this country go or free.

  15. It’s time you and I spoke. First, I can't believe that with the internet, you don't know that Jews control media, banking, and politics. Second, Jews have been working for decades to undermine Whites, Christianity, and nation states for a single global police-state with open borders and plural society. Want proof? Glad you asked, because I did most of the research for you. Now of course you’ll try to claim the moral high ground and call anyone presenting these facts a racist. It’s to be expected because you’ve been conditioned by the media. But try to be brave and keep an open mind. If you doubt any of the following information, research it for yourself. 
    How are Jews forcing their “New World Order” upon the world? 
    Jews force massive non-White immigration into all White nations to dilute the White majority, enact endless lawsuits to ban Christianity from the public realm, ban free speech and guns, promote feminism and gay and transgender rights, promote political correctness, promote hate crimes laws, promote depravity in the media and fine arts, promote perpetual wars, create trade agreements to transfer sovereignty to international tribunals while Jewish banks gain greater global control, remove protective measures to outsource millions of jobs to non-White countries, bank bailouts to transfer wealth from White nations, declare shortage of workers to bring in thousands more non-White workers. All of this is being done to create a single global police-state with open borders and plural society.
    Why are Jews fanatically working towards global domination?
    First, because of religious doctrine. The Jews’ holy book, the Talmud, declares Jews (the chosen people,,,a light unto the nations) to be superior to non-Jews (gentiles, goy, cattle) and commands Jews to eradicate all nations and govern the world in order to allow the arrival of the Messiah. A global network of Talmudic rabbis tell the Jewish community what to do in order to undermine society. This is how Jews are able to work in unison on a global scale. Second, Jews are genetically hyper ethnocentric. In other words, Jews are very tribal and work together as a group. More than any other race. If you doubt any of this, simply research yourself.
    So the next time you wonder why practically all Hollywood celebrities and music artists speak out against White racism and support immigration and gay rights, why Whites are demonized in the media including advertising, why the media incites racial hatred and violence against Whites, why we still hear about evil White “Nazi’s” daily despite the war ending more than 70 years ago, why free speech is no more, why millions of non-Whites are flooding all White nations despite public outcry, why the wars on “terror” continue, why the EU ignores acid attacks and rapes committed by non-White immigrants, why every ethnicity can form their own political groups but when Whites try they are called racist, why the Black crime rate or racial IQ differences are never discussed, why Russia and China and Iran are demonized, why Christianity is shunned from the public, why conservative politicians break their promises once in office, why guns are being banned, why minorities and feminism and gay rights take centerstage, why Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria were destroyed, why the democratically elected Ukrainian government was toppled and joined the EU. It’s all about divide and conquer. Now you know almost all there is to know about politics and where we’re heading, so no more excuses about not knowing. 
    Jews control mass media
    Jews control the six largest media conglomerates in the world (Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, Viacom, 21rst Century Fox, CBS Corp.) Jews also control the “Big Six” major Hollywood studios; NBC Universal Jewish owner Brian Roberts, Walt Disney Studios Jewish owner Robert Iger, Warner Brothers Jewish owner Jeff Bewkes, Fox Filmed Entertainment Jewish owner Rupert Murdoch, Sony Pictures Jewish Chairman Michael Lynton, Paramount Motion Pictures Jewish chairman Brad Grey and owner Sumner Redstone.
    Jews control all advertising
    Jews own the three largest advertising agencies on earth; WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic, with each agency owning dozens of subsidiary advertising agencies. In essence, practically every ad you see, hear, or read is created by one of these three agencies.
    Jews control banking
    Basic internet research shows that Jews control the US monetary system via the Federal Reserve (Rothschild, Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Seif, Warburg, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, National Bank of Commerce NY, Hanover Trust of NY). On a global scale, Jews own and control the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The IMF’s major shareholder is the US Treasury with sole veto rights. Jew Janet Yellen is the Federal Reserve chairwoman. Jew Steven Mnuchin is US Secretary of Treasury. The US Treasury runs the IMF which is bankrolled at interest by the US Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is controlled by Rothschild’s consortium of banks, as are most national banks worldwide. 
    Jews own most major magazines
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    Jews own most major newspapers
    Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, Star-Ledger, Tampa Bay Times, and dozens more. 
    Jews have the most powerful political lobby groups
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    Jews control most of the internet
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    Three of the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are Jewish (Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan).
    Jews control most Ivy League schools
    Most Ivy League schools have Jewish presidents or provosts (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Brown) with Jews constituting 13-24% of the undergraduate class of all Ivy League schools.
    Landmark Jewish Lawsuits against Christianity
    ACLU court cases concerning religion as listed in Wikipedia
    Susan Herman- president (Jew)
    Steven Shapiro- legal director (Jew)
    Geri Rozanski- director affiliate support and advocacy (Jew)
    Nadine Strossen- (former president) now CFR member and NY law school professor (Jew)
    Felix Frankfurter (founding member in 1920) (Jew)
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg- former member (Jew)
    Judith Krug- former member (former director American Library Association) (Jew) 
    1. Everson v. Board of Education 1947 (US Supreme Court case)
    2. Zellers v. Huff 1948
    3. Torcaso v. Watkins 1961 (US Supreme Court case)
    4. Engel v Vitale 1962 (US Supreme Court case)
    5. Abington Township School District v. Schempp 1963 (US Supreme Court case)
    6. Lynch v. Donnelly 1984 (US Supreme Court case)
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    9. City of San Diego and Mt. Soledad Memorial Association v. Paulson 1989 (US District Court Southern California)
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  16. Idiot NFL players are on the job during the national anthem with written NFL guidelines to follow during the anthem
    NFL fines players for breaking rules but cowers when defending our soldiers

  17. The NFL 'knee takers' have no first amendment right to free speech, in a workplace environment.   Soldiers are in the same boat.  The NFL is a disgrace, as are all those that disrespect their flag and anthem.

  18. That players feel they must make statements illustrates that the US is still not mature enough to manage its own affairs. And that a fundamentalist garners support confirms. So it's time for the US to be taken over by the Scots. There are 323 million 'Americans' and 5 1/4 million Scots so it might seem a little unbalanced, but we will even the odds by only sending in high-school kids, pregnant women and retirees dressed in kilts and armed with sgian-dubh. It'll be for your own good.

  19. A bunch of overpaid whiners….. REALLY? You're going to disrespect the flag and national anthem which are the symbol of the country which gives YOU the right to protest. NFL — off my list to watch. WTF are you talking about where cops are killing blacks because of their color? Gosh, I guess if you had actually done some school-work in college and not had a free ride you might actually have some cognitive ability. My friends died next to me for you to have the rights you have. Have a BIG plate of brown assholes. FUCK THE NFL.

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