Patriots vs. Jets | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

The New England Patriots battle the New York Jets in Week 6 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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38 thoughts on “Patriots vs. Jets | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

  1. Hey dislikes, don't hate on the ref's. Why did they make that call? Why didn't Pete Carroll call on Beast Mode? 28-3? The force is strong my friends. Come to the dark side and worship the goat.

  2. As a Patriots fan, that was not a good call if I ever seen a good call. That was definitely a bad one to favor the Patriots. You know how many of these calls would be made if they were paid attention to every game? It’s bs in my opinion. Jets deserved that TD.

  3. This isnt as bad as when the ref called a touchdown on the packers vs seacocks, not knowing what team he was making a call on. The packers clearly intercepted the ball. He called it a touchdown thinking it was packers ball. Wtf?

  4. Ball has to break the plane of the endzone and fumble to a touchback ? when he comes up with full control of the ball Jets Had that game refs took it from them. Good Game Bad Call BAD call

  5. If I ever had any doubt before that the NFL rigs/fixes games…that doubt has been removed forever after watching this farce and blatant call reversal to aid the Cheatriots!! I wonder what cheaters Brady, Bellishit, and Kraft have on the NFL that they get EVERY benefit of every call or no call their way!!!

  6. makes u wonder  and all of us……if it would have been eaiser to bomb purto rico and quicker then chokeing there shipping lanes and running them into another dire need in want  with a slow death of its peoples one thing they havnt counted on  is that there are more purto ricons in usa then in purto rico………..and naturalized citizens this is our country and ur very close to home now

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