Panthers vs. Bears | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

The Carolina Panthers battle the Chicago Bears in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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42 thoughts on “Panthers vs. Bears | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

  1. Who else thinks the Bears would be better if they had a better coaching staff and management? Coming from a packers fan, I think they have talented players.

  2. I'm getting sooo frustrated watching how the Panthers don't know how to use McCaffrey. They keep having him run the same stupid patterns, often behind the line of scrimmage. They should be passing it to him forward and not always behind. And he should be getting humongous yards. They can't even open up a small hole for him to get through on the offensive line. Open up a hole and he'll be breaking tackles in no time. Frustrating. Get with it Panthers!

  3. I'm sorry, but tribisky is straight trash. Your defense is playing spectacular against a former league MVP and gave you 14 points and 3 turnovers and you only manage to score 3 points? You had first and goal from the 5 and you walk away with a field goal? Trash man

  4. All my life I have been a bears FAN and all my life they have sucked because of cutler to see the bears step up a level and win games it makes me happy like if you agree

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