Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

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The Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 5 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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48 thoughts on “Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

  1. Anybody figure that the ones that say they're another team's "fan" is actually a GB fanboy in disguise?
    Like I admit I'm a GB fanboy and Aaron Rodgers is the Greatest of All Talents.

  2. Am I the only one that noticed Prescott never got touched when he slid but he lets the ball go as he get up. Fumble? One of many reasons I don't watch football anymore.

  3. I know they were down, so I understand just going for the touchdown… But I think Dak should have a taken a knee at the goal line before he ran in for the touchdown. They could have ran one more run play and green bay would have been forced to call a timeout. Then they could have ran one more to bring down the clock again. Then, you have two opportunities to run in at the goal line and I would take the risk of not scoring over letting Rodgers have over a minute with a touchdown to score.

  4. Whether or not Rogers wins another SB. when all's said and done I think he'll go down as one of the ten best ever. No one throws on the run better than him…although Prescott does it pretty damn well too.

  5. Green Bay is LUCKY we don't quite have it together in our Defensive back field. The ball that bounced off of T-Will was a gift. If that doesn't happen we win. Plain and simple!!!! I hadn't watched it until now! Heath needs to get out. We'll be fine Dallas Nation!

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