Packers FA Acquisitions Highlights

Can’t wait to see what these guys bring to the table!!!


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14 thoughts on “Packers FA Acquisitions Highlights

  1. Lewis sure topped off the Packers offseason well ! I think this could be the sneaky best late FA the Packers could have asked for!!!!! Lewis is a TE that has been stuck without a QB for 12 years . What he will be able to do with Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Graham will be very interesting indeed ! Gute is really proving to be the right choice at GM and he seems to have a good mind for the Packers needs and how to fill them . I hope this is what we will get for his entire time at GM because if he is proving to be exactly what the Packers needed to give them a kick in the pants ! GO Packers . This team is going to go a long long way towards getting championships out of Aarons final years ! I cannot wait to see the Packers after this offseason ! I think Aaron will be happy too !

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