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Carrom is one of the most popular indoor sports. It is a board game that can be played by two to four players. Today, carrom as a sport has found its place in the international arena. World championships and other tournaments of this game are widely played and followed all over the globe. In India, the sport has a huge following. Every odd household in the country has or at some point has had a carrom board. It is a game which is enjoyed equally well by all the members of the family, from the young to the old. Buying carom equipments have become easier than ever in this era of e-shopping. You can easily order for coins and carrom striker online India.

Popularity of carrom

Though it cannot be said for sure when and where this sport had its inception, the game of carrom is widely believed to have had its origin in the Indian subcontinent. Like many other board games such as chess and draughts, carrom was highly patronised by the maharajas and nobility of ancient and medieval India. By and by it rose to prominence as a game. Now the International Carrom Federation has its headquarters in the city of Chennai. The Federation regularly organises championships and competitions of carrom. Many of these tournaments use exquisite Ivory Striker.

Requisites of carrom

There is a wide range of likeable carom coins, boards and strikers available in our online store. Different players of the game of carom have different choices, tastes and requirements as far as equipments of the sport are concerned. Coins and strikers made of wood and plastic are widely used and available in our store. You may be a connoisseur of the game or an avid collector of carrom gears. You may be passionate enough to spend some extra money to make sure you collect rare and prized materials used in the game. In the online store, you would even find an Ivory Striker and coin set those will prove to be a valuable addition to your collection.

Practicing the game

Like all other sports, carrom needs a player to practise and perfect his skill to attain a considerable level of proficiency. Like the games of snooker, billiards and pool, carrom is a hit and pocket game which requires immense geometric accuracy. To sharpen your skills and expertise, you not only need to put in hours of rigorous practice, but you also need to use equipments and gears of high quality. Those of you who take the game seriously cannot deny the importance of a good striker it demands. You are now only a few clicks away from ordering a great carrom striker online India.

Online carom gear

Even the proletarian players of the game are opting for top quality carrom strikers. The store offers you a range of state-of-the-art carrom coins and strikers suited to all requirements which come with guaranteed quality. They are highly affordable and do not strain your wallet. You can also expect prompt and timely delivery of your ordered products.

Source by Swati Joshi

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