Opt out program for Smart Meters in Texas

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The Public Utility Commission (PUC) has announced recently that they be coming up with an Opt Out program for Smart Meters in Texas electric market. However, this is not surprising as all the Texans are provided with full power to shop and buy their utility and save up on their Texas Electricity Rates by shopping for the supplier through Compare Electric Rates option.

With the implementation of smart meters there was a great revolution in the energy market of Texas. Smart meters make the billing process cheaper as it provided freedom for the utility workers to not to go to each and every resident and check the usage personally. The meters also provided real time information on energy consumption and help utilities to prevent grid overloads during peak times of the year. They also report to the utility when there is a power outage, making reconnection faster and much simpler. However, all three PUC Commissioners voted to have an Opt Out for concerned citizens who are not in favor of having the new Smart Meter technology in their homes.

 But what will the Opt Out look like? Will consumers be expected to pay to Opt Out?

An Opt Out is nothing more than a Band Aid to heal the soaring Texas Electricity Rates. However, after many different complaints and one drawn firearm, the PUC has decided to put together a plan by which Texans might choose to opt out of having Smart Meter integration in their homes. A person can however go for opt out for safety reasons, but if they are surrounded by 10,000 of such meters transmitting every 15 seconds around their homes, it will not stop the damage to their body. This opt out cannot be beneficial if only accepted by some.

Some of the complaints made by the Texans for the smart meter implementation that stated they pose health, environmental and safety hazards are as follows:

  • Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after it was installed in their place.
  • There is also emerging evidence that wireless, non ionizing radiation that comes out of this harms wildlife and damages trees. There have been direct reports of how smart meters affect vital bee populations.
  • A number of electrical fires have been caused by this technology.
  • Health hazards from the radio frequencies emitted by the meters have also been cited. However, the Public Utility Commission says these meters have a lower impact than cell phones and microwave ovens.

Nevertheless, one really can’t comprehend just how dangerous those smart meters are and why they must be banned in this country without a proper and detailed research report.

It is anyhow clear that Smart meters do not save energy. The Smart Grid is part of the long range plans the energy industry has to save itself money and be able to charge you more. This is the real Picture of this technology. Texas Electricity Rates were rapidly reported to be increasing post the implementation of this technology at the residents.

It is also reported that about 93% of the nearly 7 million smart meters in the Texas competitive electricity market, mainly in Houston and the Dallas area, have been installed. However, this is America and our citizens should have the right to decide if they want this kind of technology installed within their homes. Likewise they are given the power to choose the utility by Compare Electric Rates option. But anyhow an Opt Out would leave already installed smart meters in place but disable the devices radio frequency capabilities.

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