Odell Beckham Jr. Suffers Leg Injury | Giants vs. Browns (Preseason) | NFL

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. makes the grab, but takes a hard hit to the knee and leaves the game early. The New York Giants face off …


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21 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr. Suffers Leg Injury | Giants vs. Browns (Preseason) | NFL

  1. Beckham is a great WR/Catcher, but I am not a fan because real men stay true by dating (and marrying) within their own "tribe." Crossover is an Iverson basketball move and should not be a lifestyle causing confusion and disgrace. Still, I wish Beckham well and hope that he reevaluates his life-choices during his recovery.

  2. Plz let Beckham go Jesus Christ he is a top rated football player I know that but still there trying to eliminate him where he can’t come back and he has anger issues when he gets in a fight but he is trying to make stand and stop haters from doing that

  3. Ok. So. He catches it. Clean hit. Gets up, walks away for like 10 yards, then proceeds to fake an injury for attention. My opinion is he would rather be on vacation than play with his team. I recognize game and admit he is good but he is a child in a mans body. Peace out Odell.

  4. I see your comments but that's some petty s*** right there I don't know if you was a football playing on in your see that s*** happen you won't be laughing I'm going to be laughing real hard I hope you know that

  5. The hit on odell was illegal. In order to complete a catch a player must have both feet on the ground and have the ability to avoid or ward off contact. The completing a catch rule directly correlates with the defensless player rules which states that a reciever is defenseless when they had not had time to clearly become a runner. So lets recap the tackle, odell is in the air he has only one foot on the ground when getting tackled also there was no possible way for him to defend himself from the tackle or avoid it because he was in the air when the tackle occured. Odell never had time to clearly become a runner and he didnt get his second foot onto the ground before the hit, therefore the hit on odell made by calhoun was illegal. Anyone have comments on this

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