Oakland Raiders Highlights (Hope)

Derek Carr has been God sent. The Oakland Raiders haven’t made the playoffs in 14 years, tied for the second-longest drought in the NFL and the longest in …


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18 thoughts on “Oakland Raiders Highlights (Hope)

  1. Smh look at the offensive line people. Pryor nor Russell had a offensive line!!!!!!!!!! The clips ii just saw was them getting sacked the hole collapsed every snap. But Car is definitely a better QB. But give TP credit. He did all he could do alone with no help.

  2. we are not just a nation, we are a family….RN4L.
    Die hard raiders fan since the Kenny Stabler and Fred Biletnikoff days. oh my bad don't let me forget Lester Hayes with the stick'em. LOL

  3. We got a lot of BAND WAGON RAIDER FANS sporting the silver and black now but can't even name 5 players. If you didn't sport the silver and black after Gannon and before Carr than don't sport it now! Real raider fans bleed silver and black no matter what the record!

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