Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms for 2012

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Special thanks to for the pictures.


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33 thoughts on “Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms for 2012

  1. Love my giants not a band wagon jumper love them when they r losing too. I was born in new York live in Denver so hell no not sticking with my local team grew up watching the giants with my dad the giants are forever stuck in me .

  2. Why are you all disn' on Seattle I mean who is your team and dont say the Giants because im sick and tierd of all these freakin ban waggon jumpers. I dont live in seattle actually i live where there are no Seahawks fans. Stop hatin!

  3. Love where nike is going with Unis. Side note I am a Die hard Niners Fan and respect paydrolopez and his passion for his team. We have alot of competition in the West this year and I will be looking forward to battles to come with the Seahawks and their new unis.

  4. well… nike uniforms is better than the oldest.. Some Few things changed but… well i see and.. Its almost the same!??? i don't know… i was expecting uniforms with more details… with more colors… more well… you know something that represents his team… i'm dissapointed… i mean… its a good uniforms but… nike only put interesnt in seahawks ones… the other well… i think they can do it better…

  5. Good news everyone! Alternate uniforms are coming out soon, so if you are disappointed that your team did not have a cooler uniform (except for Seattle) big changes are coming. The Steelers and Rams have admitted to changing alternate uniforms to something better and Jacksonville is considering having a black uniform.

  6. How can you guys rate the unis they didn't make any big changes except for the Seahawks and there change isn't even that big every other team basically stayed the same lol

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