Nick and Cris on the Titans’ 22-21 win over the Chiefs in the NFL Playoffs | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs after they lost to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday in the 2018 NFL Playoffs.

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Nick and Cris on the Titans’ 22-21 win over the Chiefs in the NFL Playoffs | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright


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36 thoughts on “Nick and Cris on the Titans’ 22-21 win over the Chiefs in the NFL Playoffs | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. Want to talk about bad calls, Kelse fumbled the ball on the play that knocked him out and they totally ignored it, go back and watch the replay ball comes lose before he is down.

  2. So tired of this alleged blown forward progress call. The play was blown dead before the football. Tuck those feelings in a better suit Nick Wright. Titans beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead the previous year.

  3. The Chiefs had plenty of opportunities to win the game. Good football teams overcome adversity and find ways to win games. I️ understand Nick is lashing out against the Titans bc his team lost, but it is absurd to call this team, which won a playoff game the worst team in the playoffs in a decade.

  4. At 2:15 Chris' memory may have imagined things – the Brad Johnson touchdown-thrown-to-himself was NOT in a playoff game. It was early in the regular season. I remember distinctly because he was on my fantasy team and I got double credit for that touchdown.

  5. Why did you remove the video about Belichick and the Patriots – once you upload a video, can't you keep it up forever? There is no good reason to ever take an content down – ever! I still watch football news videos from the early 2000's. The things that matter now will matter forever. Yes, they will.

  6. The chiefs are cursed by the devil and the patriots.. the patriota made a deal with the devil after tom brady’s injury to curse the chiefs.. it began by sending matt cassel and scott pioli to kansas city. But then andy reid came and the chiefs were competitive again, and meanwhile the patriots were losing super bowls to the giants, so they made a new deal.. now the deal is that they have to suffer embarrassing losses in the regular season to the chiefs and in return the chiefs lose heartbreakers in the playoffs and the patriots win super bowls.

  7. Why? Because of some bad luck officiating. A quarterback catching his own pass. Mostly because Andy Reed is good but slow football thinker. He takes too much time to adjust. He is who he is. Good coach but not a great coach.

  8. my thoughts… the TITANS won… stop 99 percent to one downplaying a titans win in order to make excuses galore for the chiefs…. the titans beat kc last year too.

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