NFL Worst Play From Every Jersey Number (1-20) | 2017-2018 Season

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26 thoughts on “NFL Worst Play From Every Jersey Number (1-20) | 2017-2018 Season

  1. Keep in mind that this video is based on the play, not the player. If a good player has the worst play for his jersey number, he will still be on the list.

    #1 – Cam Newton INT
    #2 – Nathan Peterman INT
    #3 – Landry Jones INT (against the browns which is sad lol)
    #4 – Derek Carr Fumble
    #5 – Dan Bailey missing a 23 yard field goal
    #6 – Cody Kessler INT
    #7 – Ben Roethlisberger INT
    #8 – Kirk Cousins INT
    #9 – Younghoe Koo missed game-winner
    #10 – Tyreek Hill halfback pass INT
    #11 – Julio Jones drop
    #12 – Tom Brady Super Bowl fumble
    #13 – Trevor Siemian INT
    #14 – Andy Dalton pick 6
    #15 – John Ross first career play fumble
    #16 – Jared Goff fumble
    #17 – Philip Rivers INT
    #18 – Cooper Kupp game-losing drop
    #19 – Corey Coleman drop
    #20 – Rob Kelley big loss of yards (wasn't entirely his fault but it was the worst play I could find, not that many number 20s with bad plays)

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  2. What about when cam newton in the super bowl where the panthers were down 16-10 and 4:10 left and he fumbled it and didnt evem make an effort to hop on it and the broncos got the ball and won the game

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