NFL Week 5 Picks with Doug Upstone and The Odds Couple

Professional handicapper Doug Upstone continued rolling with winners last week in his “Top Dogs and False Faves” show, going 2-1 ATS for the week, bringing …


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34 thoughts on “NFL Week 5 Picks with Doug Upstone and The Odds Couple

  1. Michael Brenner you owe Doug a free trip to Costa ricaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Dougie enjoy the free trip baby. Hopefully Mike shows a good time. Mike come on man show the dude a kings trip you owe it to him and loshy owes it to him. Doug show these puppy's who the real dog is. Loshy and brenner you guys are definitely good, but Doug is great plain and simple.

  2. DOUG 3-0 AGAIN!!! I however got GREEDY and took the Chargers on the MoneyLine when I KNEW I should have done +3 1/2. No offense Loshak but you need to MOOOOOVE over and LET DOUG UPSTONE host this show from now on. Mike Brenner's parlay hit too!

  3. Doug Upstone you are the man once again lol..Wow played all 3 solo and in a Parlay made $1000..Dougie Dougie Dougie Dougie Dougie..For president lol..Everyone laughed at lions and sand diego plays. That's why they say any given sunday!!!!

  4. What a pick on the lions Doug !!! I followed you on blind faith to victory!!! Keep kicking ass brother !!! My favorite SBR guest cast member hands down !!!

  5. Jim Swartz goes back to the team that fired him, Eagles win. Sorry Doug, I'm against you on this one. No let down for Philly. Already took Bills+3 ahead of the drop. Like SD, but a huge amount of injuries, Gates MAY come back but be on a snap count, I'll pass this one. Good luck Doug…And you need your own show!!!

  6. Man take Eagles for the spread… Eagles @ Lions .. The Eagles are coming back from a bye week… well rested and the lions are on the Detroit crack.. Go Eagles !!!

  7. Hey guys can I get all the advice I can get on this? I have all spots filled excepet wr2 spot, who should i play: Hopkins vs MIN, Pryor vs NE, Shepard vs GB or Royal vs IND considering white is out and jeffery being trash rn?

  8. Eagles will crush Detroit!!! I was 3-0 last week and I put up big money on the eagles moneyline early since then the odds have shifted even more in favor of Philly! You will see it is free money Detroit is AWFUL

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