NFL Ownership Needs To Answer Questions About Colin Kaepernick | SportsCenter | ESPN

Josina Anderson and Ryan Clark explain why NFL owners and management need to make themselves accessible in order to find out why QB Colin Kaepernick …


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34 thoughts on “NFL Ownership Needs To Answer Questions About Colin Kaepernick | SportsCenter | ESPN

  1. The owners don't owe Anyone anything, They are the OWNERS! They bought the team and it is a business, If You own a business it's Your right to not make a move that might affect Your business negatively. There is numerous things in this country that are not right, and it's Your right to speak out on any of them. Maybe just maybe some people actually want to watch a FOOTBALL game without a damn political debate attached!

  2. No company should be forced to hired people they don't want too. Please stop using other black people to push your agenda. The idea that you elite, over educated black people really think other blacks are going to riot in the streets for a bi racial millionaire shows how out of touch you are.

  3. No…Racist, {People} are really mad and fed up with racists pulling the race card about things that are lies. These racists attempt to project their racial hatred in an effort to show that their racial hatred is somehow justified. They are so consumed with their own racial hate for others that they have NO mental capacity to believe or understand how anyone could live without feeding every aspect of their lives with racist hatred because they can't. We are better than you. That's how we can do that. Although you can't mentally process such logical intelligence or acceptance of the truth. At some point, as with choosing the right person to lead our nation. We are becoming less concerned, and less willing to allow your deficient evolving into an honest rational society the continued negative effect that it has in our lives. We don't need you & we don't need to keep kissing your asses and walking on egg shells in order to convince you, to stand with us as one Nation of one race……and that is the American race without Hyphens or a color before the word Man or People. So you keep supporting an attempt by the ignorant fools who weaken us by segregating us and we're going to stop giving a fuck about what you think because we'll stop thinking about you at all!

  4. YOU ARE FINISHED COLIN! The Fans Hate You! I'm a VETERAN and NFL (ticket Buyer)! I WILL NOT GO TO A SINGLE GAME IF YOU ARE PLAYING! I don't give a shit about your personal feelings or beliefs! You are paid to play FOOTBALL and when you step on NFL property……YOU WILL LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE, BELIEFS AND FEELINGS OFF OF THE PROPERTY OR YOU WILL NOT PLAY!! You made that choice so go protest on Sundays because you think that's important to you. IF YOU AREN'T thinking FOOTBALL when you step on that field, then go home and take a knee while YOUR National Anthem Plays and Your Flag Flies. If you have problems with cops then cry to the Cops! Personally, I think you are a Racist! I don't agree with your position and that is MY RIGHT! Money from the Tickets I purchase paid for that stadium you think that you have a right to play in it? What Planet are you from buddy? Get the hell out of our sight because you make us sick! That's the bottom line!

  5. How you gonna bring up other people's crimes they've committed and done the time for?!?! Lol they still living in America right?!?! It's simple this is an AMERICAN SPORT!!! NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!! If you can't stand for what you live in everyday then take your ass to another country! Other than that people like Sharpe, Skip, Steven a Smith, commentators etc… go to these communities and figure out how to teach the youth how to avoid being in trouble with the law!!!! None of you have been in these communities doing that! Not even that dumb ass Collin Kaepernick

  6. Where are his black parents? He was raised by whitey but somehow he has Kenyan roots and whitey is the bad guy. He's another creamy demonic CIA paid nigger bitch

  7. Does this halfwit Josina realize, Kaepernick wasn't happy with Hillary's corruption? You know, the part of his locker room interview that CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS/NBC cut off during the election, airing only him bashing Trump?

  8. I wish the Ravens would sign Kaepernick, my Steelers would like a few picks, fumbles, and sacks. In fact I'd love to see Harrison bury this fucking punk into the grass.

  9. False ESPN – you're braindead idiots with failing ratings, massive layoffs, Kaepernick is a media nightmare, a PR nightmare, you dipshits ran Tebow down a rail for PRAYING. And now you fuckheads are crying about an Anti American, Commie Sympathizing, Black Power racist, not having a job. Just GTFO. He sucks. Blaine Gabbert was better than Kaepernick. Nobody cares who voted blue lady, your politics is another reason why Trump won, AMERICA DOESN'T LIKE ESPN OR CORRUPT DEMOCRATS LIKE HILLARY. HILLARY IS LESS FAVORABLE THAN TRUMP. Let that SINK IN your thick skulls.

  10. I wonder what would happen if more of your higher profile league players protested in support of Colin. Probably wouldn't happen because they worry about their money too much. If they want Colin back, they should protest the way he did but it will only work if the right players participate. NBA players protest how they want. I.E. can't breathe shirts, ESPY'S, HOODIES during warm ups. NFL players are slaves to the owners. That's part of the reason they play the most violent sport of the major sports and get paid less than everyone else.

  11. NFL owners don't have to answer anything from anyone.
    You can't FORCE a company owner to hire someone because it adheres to your agenda.
    Typical liberal entitlement attitude.
    Nobody cares what you ESPN clowns demand.

  12. It's show business. They have no obligation to pick up a guy who has upset their paying customers.

    The NFL isn't a social program, it's a business. Kaepernick pissed off the customers and no one "deserves" a job in show business, particularly when you've pissed off the customers.

  13. Why don't you dumbasses hire him? Is it because he has strong opinions and still sounds like he's a moron? The guy who'd rather being a meme-activist than a football player?

    Fact is, his skill doesn't exceed his idiocy. Quit washing the dude's balls FFS. You don't spend half the time on RGIII, and they're basically the same player.

    Fuck ESPN. Fuckin' garbage. Glad I gave up cable years ago.

  14. The NFL (not SJWFL) is a BUSINESS. If teams don't want him and his controversy to hurt their ticket and merchandise sales then that's THEIR business and none of them have to answer to anyone. He's definitely not good enough to deal with the trouble. Cry me a river assholes

  15. Teams will put up with nonsense if the player is good enough. He's not good enough to surpass the nonsense/distraction. That simple.

  16. people like America….not news….beat feet …attaching like he woke and were not ..fuck you bro…its a new day and you wanna bring that old shit

  17. All lot of people are more concerned about who's standing for the flag then getting rid of racist cop's for shooting minorities dead while being on camera. How many more were shot dead in the streets by racist cop's before we had camera phones. Kill some dogs like Michael Vic, you go to jail. Kill some blacks and hispanics you get off scott free and get a raise…

  18. Kaepernick said he had to leave the country on July 4th because he just couldn't be here to celebrate such a horrible place. You have a sport where the fan base is EXTREMELY patriotic (for the most part). Kaepernick is bad for business. Why is this so hard to understand? He didn't just protest police brutality, he said he couldn't support THIS COUNTRY! He protested the anthem.

    Any team who takes this mediocre quarterback would suffer huge backlash from patriotic Americans of all races.

  19. That's real talk Josina Anderson. I'm tired of hearing the lies about Kapernick's play is the reason why he doesn't have a job in the NFL. If that's the answer that anyone wants to use then you shouldn't be covering football or even be allowed to discuss football. Not even in the barbershop…

  20. Hiding behind "what the fans want" is a cop out. If Branch Rickey would've listened to what the fans wanted there would've been no Jackie Robinson.

  21. no team wants drama, enough said, its not about how good he is or how hes better then other backups out there, its the fact that the team doesn't want to bring unnecessary attention

  22. lol, at "get past his beliefs off the field", but he brought his beliefs onto the field…

    i mean, i watch sports to ESCAPE my shitty reality, i work in a dead end job, i barely make enough to pay my bills, i watch basketball or football to escape my terrible life for a few hours.

    i don't really care, but when the news headlines from a game are "player gets booed for protesting during NATIONAL anthem". that's gonna be a problem…

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