NFL Jersey Collection

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Today I show you all of my NFL jerseys


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12 thoughts on “NFL Jersey Collection

  1. I feel your pain, always sucks to lose your favorite player in draft. I have recently become a NFL fan to some degree but its hard to follow the sport without cable and also being Australian. I am a Packers fan and felt really upset that jordy nelson got drafted to oakland raiders. Devante Adams better step up his game. I was watching a game from 2013 dam your bengals defense seems to get to Rodgers pretty quickly.

  2. I believe the Dillon would be from either '99 or '00 when CIN wore Puma.
    My Top 3 Bengals Jerseys – 2006 Chad Johnson Rbk
    – 1988 Ickey Woods M&N
    – 1988 Eddie Brown game worn w/handwarmer pouch

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