NFL Greatest Jumpballs | “Get Moss’d!”

An NFL Jumpball is when the quarterback throws the football high in the air so his receiver can jump up (Hence the name) to catch it over a defender. Players …


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6 thoughts on “NFL Greatest Jumpballs | “Get Moss’d!”

  1. Randy Moss was the original "Strong Build Receiver." There were times you could put him in double, even triple coverage, and you still couldn't stop him from taking the top off the defense. I started watching highlights of him and realizing how exciting football was. So I started watching games, playing fantasy football, and then started making NFL highlights in the 4th grade. He's the reason I got where I am today. Let me know who you think the most exciting player is and what inspired you to follow football.

  2. I wish there was a way to gauge how far off the ground their feet are at full extension for a true in-game vertical measurement, as well as a true peak height.
    Moss has plays where his fucking hips are level with defenders helmets. Calvin Fitz etc do not compare

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