NFL Fails

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Explanation of how i make NO MONEY from the videos I make: – I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY …


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25 thoughts on “NFL Fails

  1. I hate how everyone in the comments is saying that the creator is stealing content from other people yet those other people are using content from the nfl and the content isn't really their's. There are literally hundreds of nfl compilation videos, heck even millions of compilation videos related to sports. This is exactly that. Saying he stole content from another YouTuber is like saying that vine compilations suck because they are stolen content from other YouTubers yet those YouTubers aren't associated with the owners of the vines.

  2. saint n Vikings game where favre threw the int..if the refs had done there job vikings would not have been in that situation.. the refs later admitted they missed a ruffing the pass call a play earlier otherwise vikings wouldve went to Superbowl n not the saints

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