NFL CTE Numbers ‘Eye-Opening’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

Adam Schefter tells SportsCenter that the numbers in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s NFL CTE report are not surprising but still “eye-opening.


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9 thoughts on “NFL CTE Numbers ‘Eye-Opening’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

  1. Listen, if athletes are making millions of dollars and banging up their bodies, they should know the consequences with concussions and such. They chose to play a sport that are good or great at and pay the price for it in the later years. It is sad yes, but honestly I have no sympathy at all.

  2. I'm 6'2 and 280 and 13. If you don't believe then I don't care I'm obese and tall. Anyway, I would love to play football but due to spearing assholes I can't play football and my parents are worried of CTE as well. Guess I have to lose weight now 🤔

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