NFL 2017 AP All-Pro Selections Revealed! | NFL Highlights

Check out what players made the 2017 AP All-Pro team! Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: Sign up for Fantasy Football!


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48 thoughts on “NFL 2017 AP All-Pro Selections Revealed! | NFL Highlights

  1. Do doubts about it Russell Wilson should have been up there. Even though we lost. Russell Wilson carried our backs through the whole season. He had to be there.

  2. This really shows how shitty the pro bowl is at showing who’s good. I agree with all these picks except two, and even then it’s just a matter of whether someone is 2nd or 1st team. In the pro bowl there were so many straight up snubs

  3. kamara over hunt, yall trippin…. of course Kamara will have more recieving yards, the chiefs have 2 1000 yard recievers… The Saints have drew brews making check downs damn near every play lol… u take away Kamaras special teams yards and he's like 800 scrimmage yards behind Kareem Hunt….

  4. D-Law, Martin, and Fredrick should've been 1st team all pro, and the punters need to get their head out of their ass and not just vote for the same punter because he has been good past years Hekker has barely had to punt Jones should be on here. Oh and Dez Bryant should be 1st team all pro, he leads the league in who is the most overpaid bum.

  5. I'd argue that Wilson should be here, but it's difficult with Brady and Wentz there. If anything, though, Wilson would be the third man up. Wentz also should've gotten 1st instead of 2nd, Brady hasn't been Brady lately.

  6. Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz deserve first team QB over Tom Brady, just because wentz got injured and Wilson didn’t make the playoffs doesn’t mean that Brady played better than them

  7. Safeties who were selected were deserving, but I’m disappointed to c that Landon Collins was snubbed… really though I was just hoping one giant would make it… btw hue Jackson would coach an all pro team as the all pro coach, 0-16=perfect season

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