New York Red Bulls II vs Toronto FC II: March 17, 2018

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2 thoughts on “New York Red Bulls II vs Toronto FC II: March 17, 2018

  1. Can't stand MLS sides. I think all USL teams should be located in smaller markets with no MLS presence and play in smaller venues (5,000 minimum and about 12,000 maximum) to make the stadium look fuller and make the product look more professional. This is not professional. The broadcast even sounds terrible, and that's to be expected from a minor league, but I also think the USL should function as a feeder league as opposed to a soccer version of the AHL or the IL and the PCL (Triple-A baseball). The USL/MLS partnership is still in it's early stages, and I'd like to see high quality players in this league succeed in their professional careers at the highest level possible, but USL contracts are too secure and these "minor league" clubs have to much control over player rights. It bothers me enough that people actually want promotion and relegation, but this is basically a de facto minor league, not an actual minor league.

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