New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 3 Game Preview | Move the Sticks

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Move the Sticks previews the NFC East rivalry game between the 0-2 New York Giants and the 1-1 Philadelphia Eagles, focusing on the matchup between Giants CB Janoris Jenkins, and Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery. Watch Giants vs. Eagles Sunday, Sept. 24, 1pm EST on FOX.

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50 thoughts on “New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 3 Game Preview | Move the Sticks

  1. I'm gonna say it right now, and only once, I'm sick and tired of players disrespecting our anthem and sticking their politics in my face. I show them, the game, and our country respect by standing during the anthem. If players on my favorite team, the Eagles, take a knee, I'm done for the season and forever if they don't have the class to simply stand during the National Anthem. I'll come back to the Eagles and/or the NFL when they realize who butters their bread.

  2. In the barbershop my barber is a Giants fan and all he keeps saying is that the Giants backs is against the wall you got to remember there will be no Jack Rabbit you also got to remember Carson Wentz just went up to Arrowhead put over 330 yards with two TDS. Carson Wentz is the type of quarterback that is scary Matt Stafford's a good quarterback but I think Carson Wentz is going to expose the Giants defense even worse, he can extend plays, you Giants fans should be very scared of him ,another thing you Giants fans should be scared of is how is your offense of line is going to stop the best defensive line in the NFL after Sunday. Not only will the Giants backs be against the wall they backs would be through the wall, the Eagles is not playing with them this the easy one Eagles 35 to 17 where r the Giants going to put points up at they have no running game and they qb is seeing ghosts right now and how you going to stop Carson the Chiefs could not even stopped them they slowed them down made him make mistakes but they did not stop him, I don't even think the Giants defense is going to make him make mistakes. man he's going to put on the show and it's the Eagles home opener that Stadium going to be lit!!!! The giants will b 0_3 , I'm sorry but it's just the truth!!!!!

  3. Lol for the Giants to beat the Eagles they need to score more than 20 points. Good luck with that they have like 8 games since last season with less than 20 points a game!!

  4. Everyone saying the Eagles will score over 30 against the giants need to get a grip. The Eagles will likely win but no way they score that much against the giants defense. Eagles 20 – Giants 14

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