New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks

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Move the Sticks previews the Week 1 matchup between NFC East rivals New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, focusing on the matchup between the Giants defensive line, and the Cowboys offensive line. Watch Giants vs. Cowboys, Sunday Sept. 10th at 8:30pm EST on NBC.

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47 thoughts on “New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks

  1. Face the Truth, delusional, low-IQ COWFAGGOT FAN-BASE, you're NOT going to win an NFL Championship within the next 10 years…… I'VE SAVED YOU THE TROUBLE OF EVEN WATCHING THE GAMES NOW………. YOU SHOULD THANK ME

  2. It should be a competitive game, but I expect my Cowboys to get that W. Dak will be a lot better this year and so will Zeke. Our secondary is terrible from what I've seen, but we'll dominate time of possession. That coupled with Eli throwing his guaranteed picks should be enough to win πŸ˜‚

  3. Dallas:
    Defense- is mediocre at best. Secondary blows.
    Half of the d are rookies or sophomores.
    Offense- lost half their o line

    Swept Dallas last year with a worse team. Gmen upgraded the offense and have one of the best defenses in the NFL

    Giants 28
    Dallas 17

  4. The Giants defense finished 3rd against the run last season and I'm looking forward to seeing if the Cowboys who lead the league in rushing can repeat their success from last season?

  5. Pp will be double teamed by the 3rd and even on the second quarter, so look out for screens on Beasley and butler to softed the defense, once that gets rolling, look out, Feed the Beast!!!!!

  6. No, let's wait till Sunday. Look I've seen Darren Smith and Darren Woods play, and this was in 92' and they were rookies! So it would not surprise me the DB's will be fine, who knows they will probably be great! And we still have Lee, and Smith and Taco, and also Carroll, who played the Giants and won the last meeting. So just get ready, like I said before, we are ranked No.1 in offense- Giants are 28th now hhow is that! I can tell you the Giants will be 1 dimensional by the 3rd Qtr tomorrow, so don't put all your eggs in one basket yet!!!!!

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