New York Giants 2017 Season Recap: END OF THE ELI ERA?

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36 thoughts on “New York Giants 2017 Season Recap: END OF THE ELI ERA?

  1. You see, when you have a trash head coach like McAdoo, you expect trash season. Eli is inconsistent, his O-Line was absolutely garbage — the D wasn't great either. Also, last time we picked #2, we got the Greatest Defensive player of all time, so I can see us hitting again (ofc, not to the level of LT and possibly a QB but still) with the pick.

  2. They need to trade Eli to the jags or denver, we need to rebuild as a team and Eli can't do anything for the Giants anymore this coming from a giants fan

  3. I have a off subject question? What do you think in your opinion about kirk cousins and where do you think he is going to go to? I think he is going to denver providing elway can somehow clear some cap space?

  4. You know I can't wait for your scouting video on josh Rosen cause the way you laughed when you said his name and how you talk about him on twitter you think he's way overrated

  5. Ok, im a Giants fan, but i laughed my ass off when you did his faces. But for the most part i agree with you. Eli is the least of the problems we have, but he isnt going to better either, hes 37 years old. Personally i wanna see Rosen, Darnold or Mayfield, in that order, any of them will be cool with me. I hate how we've neglected the LB position for so long.

  6. Belichick coming and he will draft a qb to mold out of this draft. Eli will be used for another year or so as Belichick develops Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, or Luke Faulk. Yes, I said Lamar Jackson. Belichick is out to prove he can win and build with or without a "pure pocket" passer. Congratulations Robert Kraft, you played yourself. Patriots staff will be cleared out.

  7. A lot depends on who Gettleman hires as coach and who that coach hires as his coordinators. For me, if he hires Steve Wilks from the Panthers, who does he get as a coodinator? Ben was so bad as a HC and while he did well as an OC, leadership is what the Mara's and DG is looking for as coach. I'm not sure McDaniels or Patricia do that for them – we'll see.

    I would go Rosen or Darnold at #2 and it'll be damning for Webb, not that it's all his fault. McAdoo and Reese fucked his start of his career, among others.

  8. Schleg did you just compliment gettbitch ? Lol that cunt is the reason why we had a shitty season 2 years ago an let go of Smith an Norman


  9. Make fun of the guy all you want. Eli has 2 rings and maps against the greatest coach of all time.

    This is a bad joke. The eli stupid face thing is so fucking overplayed. Welcome to 2005 Jeff lol

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