New Sports Penny Auction Site To Launch Soon!

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          I have been collecting sports cards and memorabilia for over twenty five years now, and I have seen the face of the hobby change dramatically over the years.  I began just buying packs and hoping for the best, then progressed to attending memorabilia shops and card shows to get the rarer cards and pieces.  Once the internet came around that was when the hobby really took off.  Then eBay was introduced to the world, and it seemed as though any card or piece of memorabilia you could imagine was at your fingertips without even having to leave your house.  Just when I thought it could not get any better, I was proved wrong once again. 

            While searching the internet for a couple cards I was looking for, I came across a website that intrigued me.  The site is called  It is a penny auction website specializing in sports trading cards and sports memorabilia.  At first I was confused, then curious.  I had not heard of a “penny auction” before running across this website, so I did a little research.  It turns out that penny auctions put a very interesting twist on the normal auction site.  Instead of placing a bid and then paying the final price, you buy your bids first and each time you place a bid, the auction price only goes up by one penny, hence the name penny auction. 

   has yet to launch, but plans to sometime in late March 2010.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for card/memorabilia collectors all over the world to get those rare cards for unbelievably low prices.  They will specialize in game used cards, autographed cards, and autographed memorabilia.  There are dozens of penny auction sites on the web, but only sportZoid offers sports cards and memorabilia. 

            Another interesting twist that sportZoid has put on the penny auction site is that no one walks away from the site empty handed.  They have a “points store” set up, which enables you to redeem the points you have earned to get other great collectible items.  You earn points by placing bids, so in essence the bids that you purchase are worth twice as much. 

            I am highly anticipating the launch of this site so that soon my ever growing collection of cards will continue to get bigger, and on a much cheaper budget!  Stay tuned for more updates on

Source by Steve Morkowski

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