NBA Scrubs First Baskets

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The NBA has made a video on NBA legends first buckets but they haven’t made a video on these nba scrubs first basketballs so I decided to show 10 players who are indeed bad and scrubs there first bucket in there shit NBA career.

I don’t own any content it belongs to the nba and it’s rightful owners I edit it and use it for fair use. Business Only

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NBA worst players first basket
NBA scrubs first baskets


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34 thoughts on “NBA Scrubs First Baskets

  1. NBA scrubs, worst players, busts, GOATS. This is the first career buckets of these players.

    TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS This weekend. Sorry for not uploading a lot. Have a great day let's get to 50k

  2. Let us play some youtube game called russian roulette

    Every 3rd like gets his favorite nba team raped by the nets
    Edit: every 5th like gets his favorite nba team win a ring on 2018

  3. hey jlooki are u still doing that video u called nba greatest moments? u said that u already with the first 7 minutes,
    bc im even waiting for ages xD btw this vid idea is kinda unexpected O: πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

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