Nathan Peterman Throws 5 INTs in First Half of First NFL Start | Bills vs. Chargers | NFL Wk 11

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman would probably like a second try at his NFL debut against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 11 of the 2017 …


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49 thoughts on “Nathan Peterman Throws 5 INTs in First Half of First NFL Start | Bills vs. Chargers | NFL Wk 11

  1. 1st interception RB didn't catch it
    2nd interception he shoulda stepped up in the pocket for long throw
    3rd interception he got hit as he threw
    4th the cornerback read the throw
    5th he just overthrew that one
    all sorts of reasons, but still interceptions in the end,

  2. 1st INT- Not his fault
    2nd INT- Kinda his fault, should have thrown away still no time to throw
    3rd INT- Yeah that’s bad
    4th INT- Yeah that’s pretty bad
    5th INT- lol how you that bad 😂

  3. Tyrod is garbage. He simply can't throw. IDK about Peterman but at least he can make the throws. Of those 5 interceptions only 2 can even be remotely blamed on Peterman. Two were because the offensive tackle let Joey Bosa run right through. Tom Brady would have been picked off with Bosa hitting him 1 second after the snap. The first interception was clearly on the fullback – the pass was perfect. The media really hammed this up mainly because of the racial angle. You know you gotta give black quarterbacks several years to fail before they are replaced or the media will cry foul.

  4. Most of these weren't even his fault, the tight end didn't catch and tipped it into the air, and 2 were because he got got hit as he threw it, im not saying he's bad, I'm just saying its not his fault for the most interceptions

  5. From what I saw he only made 2 bad reads while the others were either the defenses ability to get to the ball or him not being accurate enough but with a lot of practice he could bounce back

  6. i honestly thing 3 of the 5 were not his fault…i would blame the oline cuz he was getting hit….the other 2 were awful, but is unfair to blame him so much for this…and im a Patriots fan.

  7. The first INT wasn't really his fault like the receiver should've caught that or at the very least not bat it up into the air but then the other 4 was Peterman just messing up

  8. They benched a decent QB while they were still in the running for the wild card spot for the playoffs in favor of a rookie sixth round draft pick….the coach should be fired for that decision alone

  9. The Bills blew a….The Bills just blow period. Still can't believe they lost 4 super bowls, in a row! And still can't believe the Seahawks didn't run the ball.

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