My Top 12 NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time – Old And New!

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There have been a number of quarterbacks that have played through the years. I’m sure you will think there are others, or someone else who belongs on this list. Though that may be true, these are MY dandy dozen, and I’m standing by them! 🙂

I will start with #12 and work my way down to #1. You may think you know my top 12 already, but I bet your going to be surprised a little. These are also no needle in the haystack selections. Each and everyone of them belong on the list.

I think before I start the list, I’ll give you my honorable mentions. These are a hand full of quarterbacks that landed just on the outskirts of my list. First on that list is Kurt Warner, the arena player turned NFL star. Next is the star quarterback of five Championships won in the 1960’s, that guy’s name is Bart Starr of the Packers.

Then there’s Warren Moon who passed for nearly 50,000 yards, and was the first African-American quarterback to be elected to the Hall Of Fame. The Chargers had Dan Fouts who started the Air Coryell era that complied passing stats never previously seen before. Then last, but not least by any means is a Bears quarterback named Sid Luckman. He still owns most of the Bears passing records today, and he retired in 1950.

Now #12 on my list is Steve Young. The 3 time Super Bowl champ stepped in for a departing J.Montana (who finished his career in K.C.) and the 49er’s never skipped a beat. They just kept on winning.

My #11 is the golden boy of the 1990’s Super Bowl winning Dallas Cowboys. Yep, you guessed this one folks. It is Troy Aikman. I think those Super Bowls were more of a team achievement, but Aikman certainly did his share in the success process.

I think my #10 was maybe the most underrated quarterback of his time. I think it was mostly because of his size believe it or not. He was a scrambler who wasn’t taken serious as a Quarterback. This gentleman’s name was Fran Tarkenton. He made not have been taken serious, but his 47,000 yards in his time landed him 3rd all time. (that has been passed by a few since) His 3 Super Bowl appearance’s were mired, by the losing of all 3 but that was not all his fault.

My #9 was a guy who pitched for the Steelers in the 1970’s. That decade the Steelers won 4 Super Bowls and could have won 5 without a little bad luck. His name is Terry Bradshaw.

In the #8 slot is the 2 time Super Bowl winning John Elway of the Denver Broncos. He was the prime example of going out a winner. He won those 2 Super Bowls in the last two years he played.

Now #7 was the T.Bradshaw of the 80’s. The 49er’s won 4 Super Bowls behind a player named Joe Montana. I think most know Joe.

The #6 player is the man who owns all the NFL passing records to date. In 20 years Bret Favre accomplished more than he ever thought he could. In more ways than one.

Moving onto #5 is the great Johnny Unitas. There are a lot of people think he was the best of all-time. His stats from the 60’s could hold there own in today’s passing game. His 47 straight games with a touchdown pass still stands today.

Now #4 is the best quarterback to never win a Super Bowl, without debate. The 9 time pro bowler’s name is Dan Marino. He holds all the Miami passing records that may never be broken.

My #3 is no surprise I’m sure. It’s 3 Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. The Patriots have been riding the wonder boy’s arm for the last ten. I don’t blame them a bit.

The #2 selection will be my #1 when he retires, because he’ll hold all the passing records B.Favre now has, and then some. He is the Colts Super Bowl winning quarterback, Peyton Manning. He gives more to the game than anyone in the history of the game, and it shows.

Now my #1 who may be a surprise to some, but not me. He was the Browns big star, before Jim Brown came on the scene. His name, is the legendary Otto Graham. In his first 10 years playing for the Browns they won 7 championships. His winning percentage record for a starting quarterback, still stands today at .810.

He was 57-13-1 as a starting quarterback. He also played DB for the Browns. His career winning record while playing for the Browns was an astounding 105-17-4. Yes those were times of long ago, but football success is still measured today as it was then, by winning. There has been no bigger winner in football than Otto Graham!

I hope you have enjoyed this interesting and informative article, as much as I had writing it.

Cool Jim “The Devil’s Advocate”

Source by James Pimenta Jr

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