MLB Avoiding The Tag

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31 thoughts on “MLB Avoiding The Tag

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  2. +Elax Dala There actually only is no rule against tagging up on a base. You can be on any base and tag up to the next. But you must be on the base when the fly ball is caught before you tag up. So going from first to second is very hard to do. Plus when a base runner is on first they run about halfway down the baseline so if the fly all is missed they can easily advance to 2nd if not 3rd.

  3. Here's what I don't understand: if the baseman has the ball in his hand and is standing on the base, doesn't that mean, that the runner is out anyways? Why are they still trying to tag them? Also in another video I saw runners who were out even though the basemam didn't stand on the base. Can someone explain? 🙂

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