Mike Tomlin actually hurting the Pittsburgh Steelers? | THE HERD

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Colin Cowherd offers up his take on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike Tomlin ahead of Week 2 of the 2017-18 NFL season.

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Mike Tomlin actually hurting the Pittsburgh Steelers? | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


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36 thoughts on “Mike Tomlin actually hurting the Pittsburgh Steelers? | THE HERD

  1. Sometimes colin just think to much before he talks pete carrol and mike tomlin are superbowl champion coachs andy reid lost in the superbowl and jason garrett just cant get there yet and the steelers had a good road win last year in the playoffs in kc against who but andy reid

  2. Its a sad day for american patriot football fans. The anti american haters are destroying football. Haters hate, thats what they do, thats what they are, the rest of us are their victims. They insult our country, our president, our veterans, our flag, me and every american patriot. They destroyed something we loved. NO MORE NFL

  3. Colin Cowherd. Isn"t This The Guy, that Called The Clemson Tiger Football Team A Fraud last year? Clemson Tigers, The Reigning and Defending collage Football National Champions, even as We Speak. If Colin Cowherd thinks Mike Tomlin is Hurting the Steelers, given his Track Record(Cowherd) I would say They're Probably in Great Hands

  4. Typical colin herd let's just criticize the African-American coach, whose consistently taking the Steelers to playoffs and doing way BETTER than that underachieving Cincinnati Bengals coach and underachieving Green Bay Packers coach and underachieving Dallas Cowboys coach and underachieving Kansas City Chiefs coach. Last I recall Mike Tomlin has been consistent more in the playoffs then John Harbaugh has with the Ravens what do you got to say about that?

  5. How many times is this man going to references his past marriages?

    First five seconds…"I was getting married for the first time…" automatic dislike click

  6. that was the dumbest comments I ever heard if you notice anything about the Steelers since day one they always been what emotional Chuck noll's emotional loud screamer Bill Cowher emotional loud screamer Mike Tomlin emotional loud screamer 6 championship from emotional loud screaming coaches and the people that he described have no Super Bowls wins so this tells me he knows nothing about football he's speaking from emotion

  7. "Pats the same on the road and at home last year" Seconds later, stat shows Pats are undefeated away and 6-3 at home. That narrative.

  8. Colin really doesn't know what the f*** are you talking about. This was the same guy a week ago saying that New England will go undefeated. Tomlin have took his team to the Superbowl twice. And so have Pete Carroll. And when I went to the Superbowl they weren't playing all home games in the playoffs.

  9. I think the problem with the Steelers primarily, is the defense. They make good stops until the third down. They have a lot of penalties and in my mind, Zone defense doesn't work as well they think it does. Especially against gunslinger QBs

  10. I just don't get how u can call Tomlin a good coach when you got a great o line, young and striving defense, and a top 3 wide receiver running back and we quarterback

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