Mike Francesa goes off on the New York Giants

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10 thoughts on “Mike Francesa goes off on the New York Giants

  1. "What you needed was to get on the air…I would have gone on the air at 8 o'clock this morning after what happened in football yesterday"….perhaps a foreshadowing of his future plans? A Francesa network with a regular show, yes, but also live reactions to events as they occur. I'm ready to download THAT app….

  2. The obj can't do a damn thing without the media all over him.I think his stats speaks for themselves. That endzone celebration didn't cost the giants the game.

  3. LT was a crack head mike????!!!!!! Huh, giants are the moral standard,, your best player ever was a admitted drug addict DURING GAMES,,,????????? No one talks about that??!!! Bought hookers for the other teams( illegal) players??????? Huh?? Giants stand for something?????? Wtf you talking about!!!

  4. BECKHAM IS WHY I HATE SELFISH PLAYERS!!!! Get ride of this fuckhead!!!! You'll be better off!! I'm a Boston fan, and I ALMOST feel sorry for New York,,,,, welll not really!! Fuck the giants!! Stupid dumb fucks!! Get rid of this piece of shit!!

  5. Whaaaa, whaaaaa , WHAAAAAAAAa!!!!!! Fuck New York!!! Ha!! Beckham jr jockstrap sniffer is the MOSY SELFISH PLAYER EVER!!!!! Great talent, SHITTY ASS TEAMMATE!!!

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