Mike Francesa Ben McAdoo and the Giants are lost

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15 thoughts on “Mike Francesa Ben McAdoo and the Giants are lost

  1. Is this guy still on the air…the only show worse is his only competition yet he still acts like his pontificating insulting show. Mutha is by himself has a monotone voice and is as arrogant as they come lmao…but idiots calling up thanking him for his service??? Wtf…he didn't serve anything but boring radio after the life of his career the energy that gave hi.a career left the show…Mad dog is on tv and does way more than Mike for a reason he has an actual personality…lmao…so glad he is retiring just wish they tried something new a long time ago..Joe has to go Evan is good all the old over nite guys and Summers esp have to go..maybe sign Sid back even though he is old and not half as good as he used to be he's better than Mike or Joe or anyone else they have…like try something rely on this fool to carry you based on people habits that's it he was on so long with dog. People listen because they remebr the good old days and he takes millions of calls so you know you will prob get through…and Michael Kay is only reason he survived..only station worse at picking hosts than the Fan….fuck the Fan bunch of jet and met whiney babies and Mike the untouchable God of radio.lmao I almost could write that even as saarcabtically

  2. I'd never wish an injury on any player but it couldn't have happened to a more deserving one.. Karmas a bitch. You crawl around the field on all fours like a gay poodle waiting to get mounted then you deserve to have both your fuckin legs broken….That tye dyed semen guzzler probably won't step foot on the field again…

  3. Been waiting to here what francesa had to say. I'm from the upstate ny area, I am a Cowboys fan. But ny sports radio with mike Francesca is the best and I miss it. Great post

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