Michael Jordan Cards: A priceless wealth

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No doubt Michael Jordan is one of the highest paid Athletes in the world. He is believed to be worth more than 500 million dollars, which makes him hold the fourth number on the African- American Forbes list. None of the player has made a bigger impact on basketball history than Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan’s Rookie cards have always been the sought after sports card amongst the collectors. As the time passes, Michael Jordan card value keeps on increasing.

However, it is very hard to find one in mint condition. A mint condition rookie card is definitely a fine add-on to any sport enthusiasts and hobbyist’s collection. Some of his cards may have lower value, but, most are worth hundred dollars. The Michael Jordan card value depends on the type; base, insert, autograph, game used and the actual year it was made, and rarity.

Now, the question is; how much is a good condition Michael Jordan card worth? It is always a good idea to perform a thorough research before we ultimately buy one. For this, you may refer a reliable print or online sports card price guide. Often Jordan cards are worth a very different amount of their book value when sold online. Check out from the numerous online auction sites, compare the value, you may even take expert’s advice. Some of the websites even provide specific Michael Jordan Card Price Guide. But make sure to look out for only genuine and popular price guides. According to my personal experience, the Michael Jordan card value listed in Beckett’s online price guides is superior and perfect to refer. Rather, investing to any random card, it is always wiser to go for the ones which are in the top list.

After being inducted into the NBA hall of fame; Jordan’s cards price continue to climb beyond what we anticipated. Any of the Michael Jordan Sports cards should be bought in graded form to avoid counterfeits. BGS and PSA are the best companies to rely on for graded vintage or modern cards. Not long ago, 1986 Michael Jordan Rookie Card BGS graded 10 copies have sold for $150,000 plus. If you are another basketball fanatic and admirer of Michael Jordan, now it is high time that you add-one value to your collection of his cards, memorabilia and autographs. Trust me, I if you take a wise decision now; you may earn a fortune in near future.

Source by steven davis

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