Meet The Most MASSIVE Quarterback In NFL History

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Jared Lorenzen aka the Hefty Lefty has become infamous as the largest quarterback to play in the NFL. He was pushing 300 pounds his entire career. Just wanted to make another unique NFL story, let me know if you enjoyed!

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50 thoughts on “Meet The Most MASSIVE Quarterback In NFL History

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  2. Damn dude! He's 300lbs and he runs like that? He looks like a player you would create in Madden for shits and giggles with that weight and speed/ability to move!

  3. think it would have been great to see him in the NFL, think they messed up not playing him and having some bullshit weight limit on him, some guys are just big, think they were afraid he'd run over too many of those high priced players or make the high dollar qbs obsolete

  4. Pretty nimble for a big man, and it looks like he had a nice touch with that ball. Unlike excessive drinking or drugs, people don't consider overeating a vice; and yet it's just as addictive. He did well for himself anyway. Good story.

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