Matt Hasselbeck | Suiting Up Podcast EP02

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Matt Hasselbeck is the first NFL player on Twitter. Why? We’ll dig into what makes the former 41-year-old quarterback tick. Three characteristics that stood out: his intellectual curiosity, risk aggression, and leadership. He was curious about Twitter, sure. However, how the BC grad got drafted to the Green Bay Packers is another story. In this episode, we’ll talk franchise tagging, contract negotiations, and specific techniques Hasselbeck uses to train his mind and body.

Hasselbeck’s now a lead anchor for ESPN’s football coverage. He’s also on the advisory board for wearable tech company, Mc10 Inc.

Welcome to Suiting Up, where professional lacrosse player, operator, and investor, Paul Rabil, talks to influencers within the world of sports to examine the modern duality of a professional athlete.

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