LIVE! 2018 NFL Draft: Will The 49ers Trade Down & Is Dez Bryant A Fit?

Download the Ronbo Sports app to join the show Starting at Apr. 15, 7:00 PM PDT John Lynch has to be contemplating getting rid of that 9th pick, and moving down if he can find a partner. Should…


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14 thoughts on “LIVE! 2018 NFL Draft: Will The 49ers Trade Down & Is Dez Bryant A Fit?

  1. Reuben Foster: I just want him gone IF he is definitely banned from the NFL. Don't want him on any other jersey. Dez: His production declined, he drops the ball and we have more than enough of that. If Edmunds is there, draft him. Otherwise, trade with the Pats… and draft Isaiah Oliver!!

  2. I believe Foster gets a 1 year suspension but the 49ers keep him on the roster. I think this is what God gave him to scare the shit out of him and straighten his life out. I feel Foster takes this lesson n comes back to football next year. Look at what Ray Lewis went through early on in his career ? Ray was facing a double murder homicide case. He got through that and took that energy and turned his career around and became a HOF lber.

    I have faith Reuben Foster stays a 49er and I have faith he takes this lesson and turns his life around.

  3. We are not trading down from pick 9. Losing Foster is losing a top 10 pick talent. No, we are most likely drafting Roquan Smith at #9 and trading back up into the late mid 1st with our (2nd round pick from Saints & our 3rd round pick) to draft WR out of Maryland – DJ Moore.

    I'm pretty confident that's what's the plan for the first 2 picks. We have two 3rd round picks so trading our 2nd n a 3rd to jump back into the 1st for Moore is worth it…

  4. We can’t be talking about domestic violence loopholes and paying off victims. If Ruben wasn’t a good linebacker we would be yelling to cut his ass. We as niner fans know more than any other team about giving troubled players multiple chances. We prolong the torture. Get Ruben help, don’t make excuses for him, let this play out, don’t make rash decisions. Definitely don’t talk about how to get out of a domestic violence charge. Bad juju

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