Lions vs. Vikings | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights

The Detroit Lions battle the Minnesota Vikings during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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36 thoughts on “Lions vs. Vikings | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights

  1. Sam Bradford needs to stay injury free, all quarterbacks need to use the off-season to build muscle and strength, that will keep them injury free during the regular season. Getting injured is a result of poor strength and conditioning, use that off season to build muscle and take it seriously

  2. If they surrounded Stafford with the right players, the Lions would be playoff contenders every year. This quarterback is a winner, period. There's about 25 other teams that would take him. Did the NFL decide that the Lions would be the team to lose every conceivable unbelievable way possible. I not even a Lions fan.

  3. Defense wins games. But offense helps out a lot Vikings played good defense, but couldn't get their offense going. 3 fumbles lost them the game. GG Vikings! Good luck with the year and the whole Dalvin Cook situation.

  4. these cuts make no sense . the Vikings got inside the 35 yd line twice down 14-7 and it cuts to the lions with the ball. Mind showing how that happened ? lol

  5. Everyone keeps talking about the 10 second runoff and whether or not GT was in, or if there was enough evidence to reverse the call. No one is talking about the pass interference on GT while the ball was in the air. His left arm was grabbed, held on to, and he was turned and slowed, not allowing his momentum to carry him the extra 6 inches he needed. Had that been called, we would have had another play because games can't end on a defensive penalty. Just say'in… But us obnoxious Lions fans are use to games being taken away from us 😛

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