Kirk Cousins’ Gritty Performance vs. Kansas City | Redskins vs. Chiefs | Wk 4 Player Highlights

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Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins battled hard against the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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27 thoughts on “Kirk Cousins’ Gritty Performance vs. Kansas City | Redskins vs. Chiefs | Wk 4 Player Highlights

  1. we were obe doctson caych fron winning and while watching the game in the back of my head im thunk are we gonna lose our whole d and then i see Nicholson haveing a seizure after hit and im like wtf

  2. can a coach on the skins please tell pryor to stop falling to the ground right when he catches the ball its weak af and the complete opposite of what where use to with garcon

  3. Gotta say it, im a skins man, but props to you fans in KC, reading the comments u guys made, ya'll got class, and a good team, good luck to ya'll!

  4. That Doctson "drop" rips my heart out every time I see it, like we could've shocked the world if he just held on😩 I know it's a rule but I'm salty af. And am I wrong to think there should've been a face mask call on that play? Doctson got slapped in the eye

  5. Rg3 was well better and the haters let him get hit cause of their jealousy for being below average athletes on that skin team,im a skin fan but not of jay gruden and kirk,we can do way better than those losers.

  6. Kirk is a good players. The Shanahans told snyder to NOT trade the farm for RG3, they just wanted Kirk. Snyder is a clown and did it anyway, but still drafted Kirk. After some years, the Shanahans were right with Kirk and RG3 is unemployed. Now, Skins have to stop the bs and sign Kirk for the long term.

  7. Washington was so close to winning this game, if it weren't for all of the injuries they sustained on defense they might have won, and if Josh Doctson would have caught that ball for td with 57 seconds left. Either way both teams fought hard and played well. If the skins can get healthy over this bye week I think they can really be a force this year.

  8. In my opinion Kirk is a franchise QB, first year he led them to win the Division and make the playoffs, second year he put up big numbers and made the pro bowl and now this season he still looks like the stud from last year and he's a good dude, great leader.

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