Kiko Alonso DIRTY Hit On Joe Flacco | Dolphins vs. Ravens | NFL

Kiko Alonso with a DIRTY hit on Joe Flacco as he was sliding down to the ground Kiko Alonso dirty hit kiko alonso hit kiko alonso joe flacco concussion joe …


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37 thoughts on “Kiko Alonso DIRTY Hit On Joe Flacco | Dolphins vs. Ravens | NFL

  1. even though I'm a Ravens fan, I believe it wasn't a dirty hit because Flacco waited untill the last second to slide and they know damn well Alonzo couldn't stop himself from slamming into Flacco in time. I'm on Alonzo's side but still Go Ravens.

  2. Is it bad enough to tried to kill the Flacco, or the fact that after the hit his Olineman came to back him up and guess who shows up??? Good ol dirty Suh… He literally takes a shot at the lineman, and once him and another player fall on him, you can clear as day see Suh trying to stick his arm through his face mask.. Dirty Dolphins.

  3. Screw that. I I think it should be if you are a quarterback and you run past the line of scrimmage you should be fair game just like any other player on the field.

  4. I might have given Alonso a pass if he just dove while Flacco was sliding. But just the way he leaned the shoulder in and down, tells me he was just being malicious. I've seen plenty of plays like that, and even if they aren't able to pull up from the dive, they certainly don't direct their bodies to the head

  5. Moral of the story, slide at the 15 yard line so all these new age pussy fans and brainwashed announcers can stop whining about a great hit on a late slide. You can be protected but if your going to fight for more yards, you are fair game!

  6. If someone does a late hit, why the fuck would you go and defend him!?
    He deserves what is coming for him ffs!
    No sense of fairness!? Then you shouldnt be playing sports!!

  7. Another bullshit penalty the QB runs puts his ass in harms way hell let’s get the flags out and play flag football or touch or make a rule the pussy QBs can’t run the ball or maybe his coach should put him on a slip and slide during practice to teach him to slide properly

  8. Now in football shoulder is like the only legal way to hit someone hard, Looks like he prob wanted to hit lower body tp knock the ball out but it was a awkward position on the slide . It was the right call tho to do so since he came in contact with helmet. Flacco really should have slid earlier instead of going for more and needs to practice on how to time and position the slide. Does this too often

  9. That was not an intentional dirty hit and whichever one the announcers that was railing against the dolphins needs to get off the Ravens bandwagon. if Flacco was so important maybe teach him some self preservation. if he stays upright he would have been fine but he might not have picked up the first down so he tries to edge out a few more inches and pays the price. If Alonso doesn't make a hit on him he slides a few more yards and garrentee the first down. If anything this sliding bullshit should be banned because it endangers players on both sides.

  10. He started to luge befro flacco started to slide this is not a dirty hit and I think that the slide rule is sooo stupied because what if that was a runningback there whould be no penalty

  11. That wasnt even dirty that was a bang bang play when u slide last minute he was already going for the hit befor he slid… and i dont even like alonso or the dolphins

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