Julian Edelman Takes Dig At Peyton Manning During Patriots’ Best Game Speech | The ESPYS | ESPN

Julian Edelman takes a dig at Peyton Manning during the New England Patriots’ acceptance speech for Best Game at the 2017 ESPYS. Watch ESPN on …


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22 thoughts on “Julian Edelman Takes Dig At Peyton Manning During Patriots’ Best Game Speech | The ESPYS | ESPN

  1. The patriots won? I saw the Falcons lose it. It's better to be lucky then good. Some of the NFLs greatest dynasties are built on luck. From the immaculate receptions to the tuck. Casey kicking the kickoff out of bounds, to Carroll throwing on the 1 and a half, to shanahan forgetting he could call a run if he feels it's in his team's best interest. Lucky lucky lucky. 'Cept the 18-1 year, that was just beautiful poetic justice.

  2. Falcons, 1st and 10 at the 20 yard line and with 3+ minutes to go and a 7 point lead …. you run the damn fvcking ball, 3 times…. OK!!???¬†….Sincerely,¬†Ginger – Idaho Thundercats offensive coordinator (PeeWee League).

  3. One's a sure fire first ballot hall of famer, the other won't be remembered after he's retired and would be a nobody without his HOF quarterback.

  4. here are 16 jokes for the NFL
    Browns Qb's are good
    Bengals are good in the playoffs
    49ers winning a super bowl in the 21st century
    Patriots winning a super bowl without bill belicheck
    Seahawks on the 1 yard line
    Falcons in the super bowl
    Broncos offense
    Steelers have never lost to carson wentz
    cowboys beating the packers in the playoffs
    Ravens having a top 10 offense
    Raiders without Derek Carr
    Bills winning a super bowl
    Giants QB's
    Chargers meeting expectations
    Chiefs getting past the divisional round of the playoffs
    other half of jokes comes out tomorrow

  5. Ya anything can happen…..if you have freaking Tom Brady lol. Be grateful you're on that team Juuuuliana, Tom Brady would win with autistic crippled blind WR's

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