Josh McCown: The Man of Many Jerseys | NFL Films Presents

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Current New York Jets quarterback, Josh McCown, has played for 10 teams in his NFL career, take a look at his journey.

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22 thoughts on “Josh McCown: The Man of Many Jerseys | NFL Films Presents

  1. I'll admit I wasn't very excited when he first joined the Jets, but I have a new found respect for him and his career. I can see why he's so beloved by teammates and coaches alike. Wish him all the best and I'm glad he's still a Jet

  2. Interesting point of view, nowadays I respect it since what it implies is that he's clearly smart enough to learn all these different play books and is a really likable guy since all the teams have nothing but positives towards him. He'll probably be a good coach I bet.

  3. I hope the jets draft a QB but McCown has a chance to coach him and start himself a few games while the jets also get a couple new players through free agency that could really turn the jets around

  4. For some reason McCown reminds me of Doug flutie, both guys been everywhere, both are not bad QB’s, both have both been in a league a long time, and both have a good play now and then.

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