Jon Gruden calls hits in Steelers-Bengals ‘disgusting and disturbing’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

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ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden discusses some of the illegal hits in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals, saying they’re “disgusting and disturbing” and “bad for football.”

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41 thoughts on “Jon Gruden calls hits in Steelers-Bengals ‘disgusting and disturbing’ | SportsCenter | ESPN

  1. I agree Burfict has took bad hits on player. He is one dirty player. Team wise the steelers will always be the dirtest team ever. They have dished it out for years. They can't handle when it's done to them. Any real football fan know it. No class for a decade.

  2. So Gruden you would"pay money"to watch Burfict play? The dirtiest player in the league? Your a fucking clown who did jack shit in the nfl but win a superbowl with Dungy's team. Your a punk ass fraud, much like your doofus fucking brother over in Washington. stfu!!!!

  3. wasn't this PUSSY a coach at one point??? LOL.. Good lord, they need to kick his sissy ass off Monday Night Football. Only real MEN should be commentators. These two "69'ers" need to go watch the ballet instead. FAGS!!!!

  4. Football has gone pussy soft they would give Ronny Lott the lethal injection if he played today!!! Soft soft soft soft… thanks for ruining Football america fucking overly sensitive cunts this is your fault. You cant even truck someone anymore wanna catch a TD over the middle just throw it high without repercussions "not in my day" guess we might as well play basket ball you fucking pussies.

  5. Grow some BALLS Gruden. You'd accept the money for coaching even if this game were left alone from prying pussies. Just as you were before. You'd take that money in a heart beat. Say the New York Giants!!! Don't give me your politically correct stump. I wish you well, but stop being false news BOY. PLEASE.

  6. Would you shut up, Gruden? Maybe the taunting was bad, but the block was not even illegal. Shoulder to chest and the helmet contact was incidental. And you were praising the way Burfict plays the game during the broadcast, you hypocrite!

  7. Bad for football is taking a knee during the national anthem. Juju hit was called a late block. Yes it was to the head and yes it was dirty..but consider that Burfict is a loser that has exhibited little care or concern for his fellow players as he hits dirty and targets ankles and tries to take players out. He had it coming.

  8. Lol after all that dirty play from that thug Burfict I don't feel bad for him one bit, he finally got a taste of his own medicine. Karma came for him big time last night. It's about time someone makes a dirty hit on him.

  9. how can you not see ryan lower his head for a spear. no foul play? his hit was going to be dirty but it ended up hurting him instead thankfully.

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