Jenny NFL Jersey Review

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Comparrison between a REAL game replica and Jennys elite 2

22 Dollars plus 20 for shipping but you can order like 5 and its still 20 bucks for shipping
Fitting: These fit better than the Reebok but id say its a little bigger than shirt size EX. if you wear XL shirt you can get a L(44) and it fits just fine
woman sizes are actual fit EX. you wear MEDIUM shirts get MEDIUM
Shipping time is about a week although mine took longer because she didn’t sent them right away
but now she has tracking info so that might help


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8 thoughts on “Jenny NFL Jersey Review

  1. no shit Sherlock i donĀ“t have $250 to spend on a real elite i got bills to pay but this is close as i could get….like it says its just a comparison not an itemized description

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