Jake Rudock 2016 NFL Preseason Week 1 – Every Play

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Every Pass/Run from Jake Rudock in the Lions first preseason game. Audio is a tad out of sync but that’s from the video I got it from so not much I could do.


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16 thoughts on “Jake Rudock 2016 NFL Preseason Week 1 – Every Play

  1. Lions fans of today just don't realize how lucky they are. We've gone from being the ass end of the NFC North to having two really good quarterbacks on our team, direction in the front office and on the field. What a difference a decade can make. The O-line will be stacked this year, defense improved… can't wait to see what happens.

  2. so freaking happy we drafted him, the lions sees something in him to just draft him after 1year in Michigan.

    I love & hope Jake make them proud of they're decision.

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