Jaguars vs. Colts | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

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The Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts battle in Week 7 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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38 thoughts on “Jaguars vs. Colts | NFL Week 7 Game Highlights

  1. If Jags truly are going by how the pattern goes, they gonna be 9-7. But I've seen the schedule lmao. At most, unless they actually play well, they'll win 6 games (2 are a maybe). Otherwise, if they continue the trend, then 9-7 for them.

  2. How is that diving run a touchdown when he lost control of the ball, but other times the refs say "he didn't have control of the ball" other times. The Refs need to get some consistency or they'll be…..oh, what does it matter the game is rigged, boring, blowouts, racist, annoying and overall, outdated

  3. Bortles has been restricted all season. Well the OC let him loose and he provided. Yeldon should replace Ivory as the 2 back and 3rd down back. Cole needs more touches. and the defense is still amazing.

  4. I'm a jags fan and we better beat the bengals at home. Since we have only won away games and one neutral site game in England. The jaguars are gonna move to London I don't care how much khan says they are staying in Jacksonville.

  5. I was gonna say both these teams suck, but then I look at the Jags and their remaining schedule and they could go 10-6. I feel bad for Frank Gore finishing up his career this way, the Colts need a full rebuild.

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