Jack Tatum The Hit

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The devastating hit by Jack Tatum on August 12th 1978


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25 thoughts on “Jack Tatum The Hit

  1. It was A DIRTY HIT BY A DIRTY PLAYER !! He had PLENTY OF TIME to avoid him – he'd be SUSPENDED FOR LIFE in today's NFL ! Plus it was in an EXHIBITION GAME which makes it even DIRTIER . That hit essentially ENDED Stingley's life ! He and his BUDDY Atkinson were the TWO DIRTIEST PLAYERS IN THE NFL back then . That PIECE OF SHIT Atkinson shortened Lynn Swann's career by hitting him with CHEAP SHOTS TO THE HEAD FROM BEHIND every chance he got !

  2. God Rest Daryl Stingley and his family. February 4, 1978 I broke my neck in 3-Seperate Places and was paralyzed from the neck down. I was 16 then and 56 now. I made a partial recovery, but send my sincerest thoughts & prayers to him in heaven and his family. The pain & suffering that he and his family went through the rest of his life is beyond description. Suffice to say, he was a gifted Wide Receiver whose career and life was far to short. Heaven is a far better place with Daryl. Deepest Condolences.William Sturman ~

  3. A great tragedy….for all. One that should not be thought of with bitterness, as that is a poison. Football is physical and sometimes can be viewed as brutal, because real men play it and do so with intensity. In the end, we can only look to God for the answers.

  4. Now that I see this clearly ..it was a clean hit.. It was Tatum not having any compassion for another human being that irked me….with his comments.Unfortunate things happen in all aspects of life.Even when we do ..do our job…as he stated.Have a heart…Wow!

  5. Steve Grogans dumb ass lead him, the hit by Tatum was clean, he couldn't pull up if he wanted to. Back then we were taught to run through a player, I know, I played in the 80s' and it was same thing.

  6. the football was thrown high and Darryl was left hung out to dry, it was a boom boom play. Tatum already had a head of steam as he tried to time the hit. The result was tragic like two freight trains at full speed.

  7. All these comments about how it was 'clean'…that doesn't mean you don't have remorse. That's an idiotic and sociopathic thing to justify. Ray Mancini's fists led to Duk Koo Kim's death in a prizefight, but he didn't say 'well what I did was legal'. He was remorseful that a man lost his life! I'm a Raider fan and Jack Tatum was one my father's favorite players, but the fact he made such little effort to even speak with Darryl Stingley (one time in the heat of the event doesn't disavow it) and then basically writing a book and profiling it…it was callous. Straight up.

  8. It was an awkward hit. Stingley leaped forward to make this catch that was a terrible pass by the way and he got hit while his body was in an awkward position. The hit itself was clean and a typical defensive play.

  9. Dumb People would risk CTE, Getting Paralyzed , Broken Bones, Concussions etc. Oh I love the Game, Yeah right. Who loves getting hit every week? Someone who is retarded. I played this game and always hated it. I have no coordination for it and feel blessed about that. Zero concussions, CTE and No Paralysis. I hate the Game because it is stupid. Many will disagree. That is ok. I have watched it and still feel any person who would put their body at such risks does not respect the body God gave them.

  10. Listen football is a violent, tough, brutal, bone crushing sport things like this happen believe it or not this was a clean play this is football injuries happen it sucks sometimes but that's football real football

  11. recievers were little in those days and tatum was just a big hitter, to be honest i'm surprised only daryl was paralyzed i figured more would have been, which is a blessing, how big was he 175 lbs 5'10? tops

  12. What's even worse is a few years after this incident he almost got his ass kicked by Charlie Murphy😭😂😭😂 This guy couldn't catch a break…

  13. that whole team  was dirty, tatum was a thug, but it was within the rules in those days, and the raiders ruled by imtimidation….looking at the play stingley never had a chance at the ball and tatum went high….within rules back then but………

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